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Half Blown Dandelion

Michael Weichhardt

Hello! I am Michael Weichhardt, enjoy my inspirations and feel free to buy prints when you like my work!

Keep the Pictures You Love!

I am providing postcards, prints, canvas, frames, keepsakes and more, for every photo you can find here on my little website! And everything for small prices to support my freelance missions as a photographer! Thank you for supporting me and sharing the love! If you are looking to use a photo for your website, please contact me first!

Leave a Comment!

Every picture has a comment section, and you can leave your critic, feedback or talk about what you like the most. Keep it friendly and respect other visitors! I want to share my photography with everyone and engage in discussions with my pictures, so if you have a burning question about my photos feel free to ask them in the comment section!

Invite Me to Creative Missions!

Photography and cinematic videography is my passion, and I am always looking for new opportunities! I am capable of anything related to this two words, may it be real estate, event photography, food photography, portraits, weddings, family photos, and videos of any kind. Primarily I like creative photography with people and nature and the freedom to bring my inspiration into the frame. Contact me!


New Photos:

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